20th Anniversary Community Celebration and Fundraiser

Dear PTCI Family. Mark and I want to send our thanks and appreciation to you for your enthusiastic participation in PTCI’s 20th Anniversary Celebration and Fundraiser. The December 13th celebratory event was a time to reconnect with PTCI friends from the past and to welcome new members of the PTCI family as well. It was a great success!

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A Message from Mary Elizabeth and Mark:

Dear PTCI Friends:

We are thinking of each of you and holding you in our hearts during these times of great uncertainty and change.  And, it is our belief at PTCI that times of great challenge are also times of great opportunity for new initiatives and a new level of consciousness to be born.  

Through your work with PTCI and other personal growth work that you have done over the years, each one of you has developed tools and awareness that you can call upon to help you navigate the significant challenges ahead.  In addition, we want to be available to you individually and as a community to continue to support you in living your personal Ideal with courage and conviction as these times require.

We are putting all our courses and gatherings into an online format over the next couple of weeks.  On the one hand, that will mean that we will lose the special “in person” intimacy that has been one of the hallmarks of PTCI programs.  However, it also means that we can reach across the miles and invite into our programs those of you who would not have been able to attend due to distance or timing. 

Over the past year, we have been gathering at our home each month for a period of sharing and meditation.  Now,  we will be offering this opportunity to all those interested via Zoom instead of at our home in Fairfax.  These informal gatherings are a time for community sharing and community practice.  It is through the support and encouragement of our community that we come to know ourselves and our connection with one another more intimately.

We will be offering the new Spiritual Spa Day program via Zoom. This series of stand-alone programs was envisioned as a more abbreviated PTCI educational event – with half-day workshops focused on mindful living in the midst of our busy lives.

It is vitally important now to be in touch with our personal Ideals in order to make mindful decisions.  We have an online program that calls into action both our intuitive wisdom and our analytic abilities.  Our Mindful Decision-Making program will help you navigate these challenging times with a greater sense of confidence in your ability to choose wisely and live mindfully  It also includes a one-hour one-on-one mentoring session.

Many of our programs are no cost or low-cost so that everyone who is interested can be involved in a PTCI course and stay in touch.  We hope to stay in touch with each and every one of you.  We want to build an energy field of love and support for the PTCI community which will radiate out to all beings to create understanding and healing for all. 

We invite you to take a moment to look at the PTCI offerings below and see which ones might resonate with you.

Description of the Monthly Meditation Gatherings:

Join us the first Monday of every month from 6:00 to 8:00 EST for a time of reflection, sharing and mindful meditation.  This program is open and free to all.  We will be meeting by Zoom for our Meditation Gathering each month.  Click here for more information about how to join our Zoom Meditation Group Gathering.

Description of the Spiritual Spa Days:

Our three-hour, Spiritual Spa Day programs are now offered on-line. We hope to see you take this opportunity to reconnect to what is most important to you and about you.  These stand-alone programs are designed to renew, inform and motivate you in recognizing and expressing your best self in the midst of everyday challenges and opportunities.  Read more…

Description of the Mindful Decision-Making course:

Each one of us is called upon every day to make decisions – large and small.  In these times of uncertainty and challenge, it is crucial to make decisions that arise from a deep connection with our most dearly held values.  Our values are touchstones that remind us of our profound bond with our true nature, and our profound bond with each other.  Our values inspire us to be our best selves, and they are our constant guides in leading a life that fosters understanding, compassion and courageous action.  Read more…

Upcoming Courses

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