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Spiritual Energy Principle 1

Over the years that Mark and I have been leading PTCI programs, we have experimented with many spiritual theories and practices, incorporating them into our own personal transformation process. Out of our personal growth experiences, as well as our work with individuals and groups, we have developed basic principles that guide our personal and professional lives. We have come to call these tenets “Spiritual Energy Principles.”   These … [Read More...]

Spiritual Energy Principle 2

PTCI has developed basic principles that guide our personal and professional lives.  We have come to call these tenets “Spiritual Energy Principles.”  These principles inspire and define the ways in which we can engage the process of Self-discovery.  It is from these principles that we have experienced a deeper understanding of and greater alignment to the beneficial flow of universal energy.  We continue our series about the twelve principles … [Read More...]

The Sea Turtle

When we founded PTCI some 19 years ago, our purpose was to encourage and stand in support of you and other fellow-seekers who want to deeply engage their transformational journey to wholeness.   Over the many years of PTCI’s existence, we have touched many hearts and minds, and we have been inspired and transformed by your loving work.  It is with gratitude and a renewed commitment to our original mission that we reach out to stay … [Read More...]