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Spiritual Energy Principle 6

Non-Judgmental Awareness Itself Does the Healing Doing the work of spiritual transformation – what we might call “making the unconscious conscious” – includes connecting deeply with our wisdom, gifts and talents.  It also requires us to embrace the wounded parts of ourselves and welcome them into our awareness.  This process takes a lot of courage, but it also takes equal parts of self-compassion. Part of the reason … Read More

Spiritual Energy Principle 5

What Remains Hidden Has Power Over Us and Takes Away Our Real Power   The fifth Spiritual Energy Principle challenges us in a very specific way to explore our inner “Milky Way.”  It states that those parts of ourselves – including our thoughts, feelings and actions – that we hide from others and from ourselves – have power over us and rob us of our authentic power. We all have thoughts, emotions and behaviors of … Read More

Spiritual Energy Principle 4

We are responsible for our unconscious as well as conscious thoughts, emotions and actions. This Spiritual Energy Principle can be a challenging one!  For most of us, it makes sense that we are responsible for our thoughts, emotions, and actions of which we are aware.  But, how is it that we are also responsible for all mental, emotional and behavioral patterns that reside in our unconscious mind and which are outside … Read More